About This Site

The Maddie’s® Animal Shelter Infection Control Tool was created by the Center for Food Security and Public Health with funding by Maddie’s Fund®. It is based on the Infection Control Application that was created for use by veterinarians when assessing production facilities and veterinary clinics.

We have designed the Maddie’s Animal Shelter Infection Control Tool to present standard of care animal shelter management techniques to reduce the spread of infectious disease based on current research and observation. We strive to continually update the tool to support the most current research available to the shelter medicine community.

We would like to thank all our collaborating animal shelters for their valuable time, input, and support in developing this infection control tool. It has been a real labor of love for everyone involved. Special thanks to Nebraska Humane Society, Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Quad Cities Animal Welfare Center, Boone Area Humane Society, and Dubuque Regional Humane Society for their extra help in testing the content and direction of this tool prior to it being delivered to all.